Innovation Park
Innovation Park@Rutgers: Accelerating High-Quality Job and Business Growth for New Jersey

Welcome to Innovation Park@Rutgers

Innovation Park@Rutgers, an Office of Research and Economic Development initiative, is designed to be at the forefront of Rutgers’ efforts to catalyze university-industry-government collaboration that will translate into tangible economic growth and community benefits. According to the National Research Council:

     “Research parks are seen increasingly around the world as a means to create dynamic clusters that accelerate economic growth and international competitiveness. They are widely considered to be a proven tool to encourage the formation of innovative high technology companies. They are also seen as an effective means to generate employment and to make existing companies more competitive.” 
               -National Research Council Understanding Research, Science and Technology Parks:  Global Best Practices

Through the establishment of Innovation Park@Rutgers, New Jersey will become a model of effective university-based, innovation-driven economic development and will solidify its position of leadership in the new knowledge economy.

The Innovation Park@Rutgers Business Plan and Implementation Strategy was funded by a Federal EDA grant and can be found here.

The Innovation Park@Rutgers Executive Summary highlights key points from the full report.

Among the Park’s first initiatives is the establishment of Rutgers Signature Programs.  Signature Programs are informed by Rutgers’ existing and emerging research strengths, regional market trends, and the presence of specialized industries in New Jersey.  Many Signature Programs, such as the Life Sciences Innovation cluster and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, are also consistent with the clusters identified in the New Jersey State Strategic Plan:  New Jersey’s State Development & Redevelopment Plan. Thus, these programs are literally at the “nexus” of Rutgers’ strengths and New Jersey’s industrial assets.